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I Am fascinated with the human condition. I photograph things and people that at some level, I connect with. Sometimes it is a cohesive body of work on the same subject, and sometimes it is a single image that I felt needed to be made.

 You may have seen my photographs anywhere from galleries(Grunwald, Lexington art league), to Museums(Portland Museum of art), large shows( The art of photography show, San Diego Institute of art, MPLS photo center in Minneapolis) ,online at Fstop magazine, the TUMBLR of The SanFransisco Museum of Modern Art or as window and dressing room art at Ralph Lauren stores in the North East My work is also in  permanent  collections such as The New Hampshire institute for art and The Kinsey Institutes archive.

In any case, I hope that you find something here that moves you and/or causes you to reflect on how you see the world.



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